Your Holiday & travel cash. Good international rates.


my Travel Cash provides great value travel money on a prepaid MasterCard. With better exchange rates than the airport and the high street, they are a cost effective and safe alternative to carrying large amounts of cash on holiday. The cards card can be used to withdraw money at over 1.5m ATMs and are accepted at over 30m locations, wherever the MasterCard Acceptance mark is displayed. With no link to your bank account and Chip PIN protection they are a cheap and safe alternative to taking a credit or debit card abroad as you can only spend what you top up, perfect for managing your money on holiday.

Prepaid MasterCards -
- For the Euro and US Dollar cards – top up in pounds and the currency is loaded directly onto your prepaid card, always at a great rate
- All currency is commission-free
- Using the Euro and US Dollar card for transactions in those currencies incurs no additional fees, unlike most credit/debit cards
- The new Multi-Currency card is a Sterling card that converts into the local currency wherever it is used
- Cards can be received in 1-2 working days with Express Delivery - free for orders over £500
- No fee for ordering the card, no commission for topping up plus better rates than the airport and the high street (see site for comparisons)

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